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Hope Centers

International ministry hubs for worship, training, outreach and community enrichment.

Hope Centers—key places of international ministry
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Hope Partners is committed to ministry in the most impoverished places on earth. We’re establishing and supporting Hope Centers—hubs for church planting, clean water, medical care, hunger relief, and projects of education and intervention. Hope Centers are now operational in Africa, India, and a poverty-stricken area of Costa Rica. These are launch points for initiatives in evangelism, discipleship and Christ-centered compassion.

Launch points for initiatives in evangelism, discipleship, education and relief.
I would like to support the Hope Centers in Africa, India and Latin America!
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Hope Centers
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  • Box of Hope
    Packed with Love. Filled with Hope. Opened with Joy. Unique gifts for abused, suffering and forgotten women of the world.
  • Children of Hope
    A worldwide network of homes and schools where children are loved, housed, fed, taught and raised in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”
  • The Hope Corps
    An all-volunteer army of men and women who leave the comforts of America and cross cultural barriers to help and serve the poor, bringing hope in Jesus’ name. First recruits now on the field.