Sharing Love...
through Ministries of Compassion

Children of Hope

A worldwide network of homes where children are loved, housed, fed, taught and raised to know and follow the lord.

Hope Partners takes a different approach to caring for needy children. Instead of a child sponsorship program we’ve chosen to create a home sponsorship initiative. There are literally hundreds of ministries around the world where loving Christian people are providing food, clothing and shelter for abandoned and orphaned children. They are making extraordinary sacrifices to help the helpless and give hope to little ones who would otherwise have no reason to hope. These devoted men and women are unsung, unknown heroes, working diligently and with little regard for their own needs. Most of them are severely lacking in resources, with few supporters. That’s why we want to come alongside them, raising up thousands of people to partner in hope for the sake of the children.

Coming alongside extraordinary people who are loving and caring for abandoned, orphaned children.

Through the Children of Hope™ initiative we’ve forged relationships with people like Joseph and Sundri Thomas, a couple in India who care for and instruct children in a leper colony near Delhi. They lovingly provide for girls and boys who are scorned and rejected in their own country. We’re partnering as well with dozens of others just like them.

The Hope Partners strategy is to link together a worldwide network of these very special places—Homes of Hope where Children of Hope are loved, housed, fed and clothed; and Schools of Hope where they are trained for a purpose-filled life. Best of all, these homes and schools are places where children will hear the Good News of eternal hope in Jesus Christ and grow up in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”

A strategy linking together a worldwide network of very special places—Homes of Hope where Children of Hope are growing up in “the nurture and admonition of the Lord.”


  • Box of Hope
    Packed with Love. Filled with Hope. Opened with Joy. Unique gifts for abused, suffering and forgotten women of the world.
  • Hope Centers
    Key places of international ministry—hubs for church planting, clean water, relief, education and community outreach.
  • The Hope Corps
    An all-volunteer army of men and women who leave the comforts of America and cross cultural barriers to help and serve the poor, bringing hope in Jesus’ name. First recruits now on the field.