A Word from Kirk Nowery

Dear Friend,

This very moment, countless people around the world are gripped by the same desperate thought: I have no hope.

I have no hope. It’s the painful thought of the man in Haiti who once had a job and a life before an unthinkable earthquake erased his already poor existence and turned it into a nightmare.

I have no hope. It’s the terrified thought of the girl in Thailand, barely a teenager, whose own family has just sold her to a trafficker in prostitution.

I have no hope. It’s the resigned thought of the grandmother in Sudan, left to fend for her four AIDS-afflicted grandchildren after the same disease claimed the life of her own daughter.

I have no hope. It’s the confused thought of the child on the brink of death, suffering the final ravages of malaria, the sickness that kills more children than any other malady on earth.

So many people...so little hope.

What can we do? How can we make a difference?

We must not ignore their pain. We must not be deaf to their cries. We must not fail to do whatever we are able to do.

I’m reminded of Bob Pierce, a remarkable man who founded two humanitarian organizations. Bob lived every day by a simple motto: “May my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.”

I cannot improve upon Bob Pierce’s motto. In fact, more than ever I’m determined to adopt it as my own. I look around the world and see the oppression, poverty, war and disease that afflicts people’s lives and my heart breaks for them...just as I know God’s heart is broken for them.

What can we do about all this pain and suffering in our world? We can do what Jesus did. We can share faith. We can give hope. We can show love.

We share faith by communicating the Good News that Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

We give hope by encouraging and lifting up those who are down, and by lifting them up in intercessory prayer.

We show love by acts of compassion—helping the helpless, rescuing the fatherless, caring for “the least of these”.

All of us at Hope Partners are driven by the desire to be the hands of Jesus reaching out to a hopeless boy or girl, to an impoverished father, to a young widow desperate to feed her little ones. To the lonely, the displaced, the sick, the suffering and the forgotten we want to say, “We care for you...we weep with you...we remember you...we love you in Jesus’ name.”

The faith we share is the ultimate truth. The hope we give is direct from the source of hope. The love we show is unconditional, a love that’s rooted in the limitless love of God the Father who sent His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to live a perfect life and give Himself as the perfect sacrifice. Through Him—and through Him alone—we find hope. And in His power we join together as partners in that hope.

I encourage you to be a part of this great enterprise. Be a Hope Partner!

May God bless you richly.

Kirk Nowery
Chief Strategic Officer