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Twenty-five years ago we first set foot on the land that is now the Kenya Hope Center. On that crucial day, it was quite a sight. Bodies from a cholera outbreak in the adjacent slum had been piled high on the property, awaiting removal by city workers. We were told that the land had a local nickname: Hell’s Hole. But as we looked at the site we saw something entirely and dramatically different. Surveying the dire surroundings we envisioned a place of rescue and transformation—a Hope Center. It would take years of diligent work and significant investment, but today no one would ever imagine that the grounds of the Kenya Hope Center were once known by such a devilish name. Where there was darkness there is now light; where there was death there is now life. It is evident in the thousands who have been touched by ministry in this special place that is now home to Hope Church, led by Pastor Brian King, and to the hundreds of boys and girls at Hope Academy. The Kenya Hope Center, overlooking one of Africa’s largest slums, is a steady beacon of spiritual light.

Center Needs

Church Class Rooms ($12,000)
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Feeding Program

$17 per Month
One-Time Donation

Kenya Feeding Program

Although Hope Partners believes we are called to do much more than just fill a belly, filling a belly is still very important and for many that we serve, it is a genuine need.

In Kenya, the 550 children at Hope Academy receive breakfast and lunch at school every weekday. For most of the children, it ensures that they have the balanced nutrition they don’t receive at home.

For just $17 you can provide a month of meals for a hungry child in the slums of Nairobi. If you are able to do more, that would be great, but please consider at least giving $17 per month to relieve hunger for a child and show the love of Christ in a very tangible way.

Feeding Program – Donate $17 per Month
Feeding Program – One-Time Donation

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