Openhouse Project


The majority of people do not have a problem with God, but many do have an issue with the Church or religion. Openhouse is a space where people who do not like churches, can grow spiritually. Our mission is to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus and our global strategy is to create compelling environments where people feel motivated and equipped to find intimacy in their relationship with God, to engage a real community with people within the Church, and to positively influence people outside the Church.

Openhouse Project

In August 2007, two of out founders visited North Point Community Church in Atlanta. In a matter of an hour, they left convinced of the importance of bringing that model to Costa Rica, because of the “an experience for those who do not like churches” idea. By December 2008, the Openhouse Project began on a Monday night, featuring video messages from Andy Stanley (Lead Pastor in North Point). In 20010, children environments began. In April 2011, Openhouse received Julio González, his wife Ashley Nowery and their children, to take this organization to a new level of relevance. From their arrival on, the organization took shape, was consolidated, and since then ir has not stopped growing. What started as a small group of “insurgents”, who believed that the Church could and should be different, has become today a deep and growing movement. Thousands of people received the benefits of Openhouse, and every day, its influence and reach, grows even more.



We have a team of professionals, volunteer counselor, and pastors willing to guide and to support people in complicated situations.


The courses are short-term small groups, that gather to talk about a specific topic. They offer the opportunity to explore a topic in six to eight weeks. It is for adults of all ages and at any stage of life, independent of the spiritual maturity. These courses offer a taste of what a circle is like at Openhouse.


We believe that true spiritual growth occurs in small groups, in the context of an intentional relational structure. We do not want people in rows. We want people in circles. The circles are defined as small groups of six to ten unmarried/single or five to six couples in the same stage of life, who gather at home, to encourage one another to grow in their relationship with Jesus. It is the most intensive growth program at Openhouse. It is the ultimate goal we wish that all achieve. In Groups, they meet regularly for year and half, to find spiritual growth and healthy relationships. In a Group, we study the Bible, we build communities, and achieve mutual responsibility, care for one another and belonging.


WAUMBA LAND (Infants – Kinder)

UPSTREET (Pre K – 5th Grade)

TRANSIT (6th – 8th Grade)

INSIDE OUT (9th – 12th Grade)

Today, more than:

  • 500 people attend out meetings every Sunday to approach Jesus.
  • 197 babies, children and young people learn to lay the foundations of their faith.
  • 149 volunteers serve to make possible every Sunday.
  • 196 people have attended courses.
  • 250 people are currently in a small group. Let’s keep building this together.