Help Us Build a Basketball Court at the Hope Center Mason’s Place in Ajmer, India

At Hope Partners International, we’re dedicated to transforming the lives of children through education and opportunities to explore their passions. We’re excited to announce our latest fundraising initiative to build a basketball court at the Hope Center Mason’s Place in Ajmer, India. 🇮🇳

Currently, we’re hosting over 200 students, and many have shown interest in playing basketball. By providing this court, we can offer our students the freedom to engage in a healthy, fun activity that promotes physical and mental well-being. 🌟

We need your help to make this dream a reality! Your generous donation will bring us one step closer to providing our students with the facilities they need to thrive and grow. 🙏

The cost of building such a court is estimated to be around $20,000, and the completion of this project will have a lasting and positive impact on the lives of the girls living at the center.

Help us build a Basketball Court

Please consider making a donation today and help us transform the lives of these deserving children. Every contribution, big or small, makes a difference. Thank you for your support! 💕