If you look at our mission to rescue children and transform their lives, Alisha is one of those stories. She is our youngest, now just three and a half years old. A year ago, when she was just two and half years old, late one night her father reached a breaking point. You see, he never wanted Alisha. In India many families want only boys not girls, and so he had told his wife from the day Alisha was born to get rid of her.

The mother had fought to keep this little girl until one night when she knew her husband meant business. He told her if she didn’t get rid of Alisha, “I’m going to kill her and then I’m going to kill you.”

And so she rushed to her parents and gave them Alisha. They had heard about Mason’s Place and so they brought her and knocked on our gate and told us this story.

Alisha is a story of rescue, a story of hope. We believe one day her life is going to make a difference in an incredible way.