A Word from Kirk Nowery about Hope Partners’ First Christmas Gift Catalog

Dear Friend,

This is a first! You are viewing Hope Partners’ very first Christmas gift catalog. It doesn’t feature the tantalizing products that fill most Christmas catalogs; but it has something much better: opportunities to share in the greatest work of all and spread the greatest message of all—the Good News of eternal life and hope in Jesus Christ. Hope Partners is at work this very moment in Latin America, Africa, and India. We are fulfilling our primary mission — To rescue children and transform their lives in Jesus’ Name. This vital work takes on different forms and addresses a variety of needs. You will see that in a tangible way in these pages. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” And Paul the apostle said, “God loves a cheerful giver.” We all have needs to meet and obligations to fulfill, but I am more convinced than ever that God will supply all that we need and more if we determine to give with joyous generosity.

Please take a few minutes to explore the sections of our Christmas catalog. You’ll encounter some compelling needs. Please think about these very prayerfully. I think you will be captivated by the possibilities; and I think you will be spiritually energized as you consider these extraordinary Gifts of Hope.

Yours for a blessed and memorable Christmas season,

Kirk Nowery
Chief Strategic officer

Direct Your Gift to Where It Is Needed Most

Caring for “The Least of These”

When you direct your gift to “Where Needed Most” you enable Hope Partners to address the most pressing concerns. This helps to provide the staffing, materials, and resources we need to fulfill our mission of rescuing children and transforming their lives in Jesus’ name.

Our Lord commanded us to care for “the least of these”—the little ones who are endangered, exploited, and exposed to all kinds of evil influences. We are to value these precious lives, first and foremost, because Jesus values them. We love them because He loves them. and we keep pushing forward to rescue and transform them because it honors and pleases Him. You can be sure that your gift marked “Where Needed Most” is a gift for the sake of “the least of these.”




Straight to Christmas Catalog

Sponsor a Child

Sponsorship provides needy children with a place to live, a place to learn, and a place to grow. For many of our children—like the kids at Mason’s Place in India—a place to live means a full-time home. We provide everything for them—a comfortable bed, nutritious food, quality clothes and shoes, physical care, a superb education, and purposeful activities.

For others—like the children who come daily to the Hope Center in Costa Rica— a place to live means a safe haven, away from the constant danger of the slums. Our team at the Hope Center there leads an innovative mentorship program. We also feed these children; and for many of them, it’s their only meal of the day.

A place to learn highlights the educational component—which looks different in different places. In some, like the Hope Centers in India and Kenya, it is a traditional school with a traditional structure. But at the Hope Center in Costa Rica, the emphasis is on teaching special skills and cultivating creative minds through a wide variety of classes and mentoring.

A place to grow expresses the goal of every Hope Center as the children we have rescued and cared for experience life in a totally new way. These precious girls and boys, many of whom have been abandoned and some who have literally been thrown on the garbage heap, come alive as they encounter Christ and His love. By His grace they truly become new creations in Christ and beautiful examples of His transforming power.

Hope Partners’ approach to child sponsorship is purposeful and strategic. First of all, we don’t “subcontract” with other organizations in providing for needy children. We have direct, daily contact with the girls and boys in our care. We know them, we love them, and we do everything in our power to make their lives better and more meaningful. In the interest of both wisdom and transparency, we use the term scholarship, not sponsorship, in the countries where we serve. One reason is because education is always central to what we provide. Another reason is that we’ve learned by experience that scholarships are understood and appreciated in these nations, but sponsorships are often viewed with suspicion. We choose to use the terminology that works best and facilitates the best work in the field. Here in the U.S. we still call this a “child sponsorship program”—but as a sponsor you are indeed providing a scholarship (plus much more). And because the needs vary from country to country and place to place, we have streamlined the program to multiple levels of support. These levels are identified by three key words: AmplifyEdify, and Magnify. The following information spells out the distinctions within each level. Whichever level of sponsorship you choose, you can be sure that your generosity will make a lasting difference in a child’s life—a difference that only eternity can measure.

The Amplify Sponsorship
$79 per month – Comprehensive Care

An Amplify Sponsorship covers housing, food, clothing, shoes, medical care, and all educational expenses. Think of it as a “full-ride” scholarship. Presently, sponsors at the Amplify level are providing support for the children at our two residential homes in India—Mason’s Place in the city of Ajmer, and St. Michael’s Home for Girls in Delhi, the capital city of India. Both campuses are served by a large staff, fully committed to giving the care that these precious children need.

Mason’s Place and St. Michael’s are for girls only because that is what each home is licensed and limited to provide. We would love to some day establish homes for boys, but for now God has entrusted us with a remarkable number of little girls. All of them have been rescued from desperate poverty and many from very dangerous circumstances. Now they are being transformed as they experience genuine, loving, Christian care.

For only $79 per month you can provide all the blessings and benefits of an Amplify sponsorship

The Edify Sponsorship
$39 per month – Education + Extras

An Edify Sponsorship covers educational expenses and other basic needs for a disadvantaged child.

Hope Partners is caring for hundreds of children at the Edify level in Costa Rica, India, and Kenya. A prime example is the Hope Center in Costa Rica which is filled every day with children from Pavas, an enormous but blighted community near the capital city. There are over 60,000 people in Pavas who live in extreme poverty. While we cannot help all of them, we can minister to many; and we’re committed to bringing holistic transformational strategies to this needy area.

The work is focused not just on the at-risk children of Pavas but also on the great numbers of single mothers in the community. The Hope Center programs provide food, education, spiritual formation, dental care, periodic medical clinics, psychological guidance, and leadership development.

The Costa Rica Hope Center currently feeds hundreds of children daily, Monday through Friday. For more than half of them, this meal represents the only balanced nutrition that they receive that day. In addition to the feeding program, the academic program provides mentors, tutoring, clubs, computer skill development, robotics, ballet, and art. Mothers play a key role in this program. They are required to not only make sure their children attend their weekly club and tutoring sessions but also to attend monthly meetings themselves that focus on the psychological and spiritual development of their families.

The Kenya Hope Center, adjacent to one of Africa’s largest slums, has been a beacon of spiritual light for over 25 years. One of the Hope Center’s key ministries is Hope Academy, a traditional school with an enrollment of 550 students. When you sponsor one of these children at the Edify level you provide that girl or boy with an outstanding Christian education plus breakfast and lunch at school every weekday. Because most of the children come from very poor families, this ensures that they have the balanced nutrition they don’t receive at home.

For only $39 per month you can provide a needy child with an Edify sponsorship

The Magnify Sponsorship
$189 per month – Nursing School – All Costs

A Magnify Sponsorship is for the young ladies who graduate from our Hope Centers in India and go on to nursing school. Sponsorship covers all educational expenses at Philadelphia School of Nursing, plus food, clothing, shoes, housing, and medical care. It is an all-expenses-paid scholarship that enables these young women to achieve something they couldn’t have imagined while growing up in extreme poverty.

For $189 per month you can provide all the blessings and benefits of a Magnify sponsorship for a deserving young lady

Provide Classroom Computers
$1,000 for a Complete Computer Station

In today’s world, computers are a necessity, not a luxury. The classrooms at our Hope Centers in Costa Rica, India, and Kenya are all in need of desktop computers. We so often take technology for granted in America, but that’s not the case for the children we’re educating. When you provide a computer station you are creating a place of discovery for aspiring girls and boys.

$1,000 for a complete station$100 for a share

Renew a Sewing Center
$300 for a New Sewing Machine

When a girl in India learns to sew she gains a skill that can become her livelihood. It enriches her life in so many ways, building confidence and sparking creativity. At our Hope Centers in India there’s a pressing need to replace old units with new electric models. In fact, the old units are antiquated, self-powered treadle machines. The girls get a lot of exercise while sewing, but they would much rather use a machine powered by electricity! Some of our young ladies have become so proficient that they’ve produced clothing and crafts which are now sold to the general public. For them, your gift is a godsend.

$300 for a new sewing machine$30 for a share

Bring Joy to Girls and Boys
$9,000 for a Complete Playground

This is truly a gift that keeps on giving, especially in giving joy to children. A complete playground can be installed at a Hope Center for approximately $9,000. We partner with professionals who specialize in the most durable equipment.

$9,000 for a complete playground | $90 for a share

Give a Lift to the Hope Centers
$3,500 for an Auto-Rickshaw

The most common vehicle on Indian roads is an auto-rick-shaw —also called a tuk-tuk. It’s a small transport built on the frame of a three-wheeled motorcycle. Both of our Hope Centers in India would greatly benefit from an auto-rickshaw for running errands, handling the daily transport of our college-age girls, and doing the weekly grocery shopping. This is a must-have on our list; and your gift would meet a unique and important need.

$3,500 for an auto-rickshaw | $350 for a share

Support a Ministry to Vulnerable Women

In fulfilling our primary mission of rescuing children and transforming their lives, we encounter women who are struggling to survive. Many of these women are single mothers who are in such desperate straits that they ask us to care for their children. In Costa Rica and India we’re creating safe places where these women can learn a trade, escape from abuse, get counseling, and learn how to be a godly mother. Your gift will enable us to encourage, educate, and lift up these ladies who long for so much more.

Suggested gift: $50

Supply Clean Water
$6,000 to Install a Water Purification System

In many rural areas where Hope Partners is at work there is an urgent need for clean water. Even in villages where there is running water, the supply is often contaminated. We have met this need in some places; but we want to do more —much more. On average, we can install a water purification system for around $6,000. Your gift will enable us to provide clean, pure water to needy people even as we tell them about Jesus, the Water of life.

$6,000 for a water purification system | $60 for a share

Underwrite a Micro-business
$7,000 to Start a Woven Products Business

Many of the girls we have rescued in India are from leper colonies in the large cities. The children of leper parents must leave the colony before they contract leprosy themselves. This disease afflicts untold numbers of people around the world. We don’t forget these suffering people; in fact, we do all we can to help them. One needful project is to install a weaving loom in the leper colony in Jaipur, India. This will provide employment for men and women who would otherwise be forced to beg on the streets. Instead, they can create rugs and blankets and similar products to sell. You can help to launch this unique micro-business.

$7,000 for a weaving loom$70 for a share

Empower a Hope Center
$7,500 for a Commercial Generator

At our newest Hope Center in the troubled nation of Venezuela, one of the most pressing needs is a commercial grade generator. In fact, more than one is needed. Hope Center Venezuela is already caring for hundreds of people of all ages as they cope with life in a country that is reeling in chaos. We’re providing food, clothing, counseling, and spiritual guidance in turbulent times. Your help in providing a generator will literally empower this new ministry.

$7,500 for a commercial generator | $75 for a share

Provide Equipment & Supplies to Our Medical Clinics

Each of our Hope Centers offers basic medical care provided by visiting nurses and doctors. All of these in-house clinics are in need of new equipment and supplies including examination tables and lighting, vital signs assessment equipment, ear examination devices, and more. Your gift towards this need enables us to provide loving care in each clinic.

Suggested gift: $100

Give Blankets
A gift package of 5 Blankets for $25

Even in places like Costa Rica, Kenya, and India it can get cold enough in wintertime to make life very uncomfortable. A warm blanket can be a lifesaver.

$25 for a package of 5 Blankets

Give Chicks
Two Chicks for $10

At some of our Hope Centers we have chickens that provide fresh eggs every day to our children. We also give chicks to people in impoverished villages, providing them with a steady source of food.

Two Chicks for $10

Give Bibles
A copy of God’s Word for $7

Hope Partners distributes Scripture in numerous languages to people in many nations.

Suggested gift: $7

Give Goats
Two Goats for $100

In the places where we serve, goats are not simply living weed eaters. They produce highly valued milk and cheese to people who struggle to survive from day to day. Your gift of a pair of goats truly makes a difference for people in difficult places.

Two Goats for $100

An Additional Word about Your Gift to Hope Partners

Many of the gift opportunities presented in this catalog will be met by individuals and families who commit to a share of the cost, not the full cost. Whatever you give, in whatever amount, is so appreciated and will be used as you designate. Of course, we also appreciate all who give a “Where Needed Most” gift. Often this is above and beyond regular sponsorship commitments. Whatever role you play, may God bless you richly!

Why We Give

It’s very simple. We give because we have received. What we have received is the greatest gift imaginable —the gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ. “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” (John 3:16)

Sharing this incredible gift with others is the most important activity we can engage in—with our time, our resources, our energies. We give because we have been given the great privilege to do so. We live in an unprecedented time of material prosperity and opportunity but we must have eyes to see the needs around us. To us, perhaps as to no previous generation, Jesus says: “Freely you have received; freely give.” (Matt. 10:8) We give because we have been given an amazing promise: We cannot out-give God. No matter what we give, He gives us more to share. “And God will generously provide all you need. Then you will always have everything you need and plenty left over to share with others.” (2 Cor. 9:8) When we give, we are simply giving back a portion of what He has given us. And what we “have” isn’t really ours at all. It is entrusted to us to use in His service. What a joy and a privilege to give Gifts of Hope in Jesus’ name!