Rescuing Romania Children
and Ukrainian Refugees

Hope Center Romania

A Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Children

After Communism failed in Romania, a missionary from North Dakota moved here to begin serving the thousands of orphans on the streets. Desperate children were sleeping in dangerous, foul-smelling sewer tunnels. They were clothed in filthy rags and often barefoot, even in the dead of winter. The children were malnourished and often beaten by the police, abused by predators and effectively rejected from society. These neglected children, barely surviving, had no hope for a future. Many of them turned to volatile substance use (VSU) to dull the pain of hunger and abandonment, leaving many brain-damaged or worse.

For many years, the Constanta Children’s Home cared for these orphans but eventually lost financialsupport and barely survived. In 2021, Hope Partners International officially adopted the orphanage to form a new Hope Center. Just like the other Hope Centers worldwide, Hope Partners is dedicated to rescuing and transforming the lives of the children in this region for years to come.

Breaking the Cycle

Sponsoring a child through Hope Partners is one of the most life-changing decisions you can make. By sponsoring one or more children, you enable our Hope Center in their country to provide vital support and meet the needs of each child — breaking the cycle of poverty and hunger in Jesus’ name.

Ukraine Crisis

When Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022, it caused Europe’s fastest-growing refugee crisis since World War II. Because we had a Hope Center and a team in Romania near the Ukrainian border we made the decision to expand and initiate a full disaster response. Our team was deployed to the Romania/Ukraine border to help the fleeing refugees. We have had the opportunity to share God’s Word with thousands of refugees and bring hope to the darkest of circumstances through acts of compassion.

Ukrainian Refugee Needs

We transformed our local Romanian Hope Centers into a place of refuge. We provide relief including housing, food, clothing, transportation, medical care, safety and most importantly, we show the love of Christ in the midst of desperation. Our mission has also extended to renting hotels, renovating apartments, and converting churches and schools to sustain the ongoing needs of the refugees. Weekly, we fill cargo vans with supplies and take them deep into Ukraine where they are driven to areas of need including Kyiv and Odessa and bring back more refugees on our return.

As you can see, God’s Kingdom is expanding across the globe thanks to supporters like you. Your gifts help spread the love of Jesus Christ to thousands throughout the world.