Rescuing Children
and Transforming Their Lives

Hope Center Sri Lanka

On Easter Sunday of 2019, three churches in Sri Lanka and three luxury hotels were targeted in a series of terrorist bombings that claimed 290 lives. Shortly afterwards, two of our dedicated Hope Partners India staff members traveled to neighboring Sri Lanka to offer aid and comfort. As they walked through the hospital wards, they witnessed first-hand the sorrowful faces of children who had been burned, disfigured and were suffering greatly. Through God’s divine appointment, they were introduced to an incredibly compassionate guide who has since become our Sri Lanka Hope Center director, and our work of rescue and transformation in this area began.

Sri Lanka Bomb Blasts

Sri Lanka Bomb Blasts

Growing Hope in Sri Lanka

Shortly after what would be the start of our operations in Sri Lanka, the pandemic shut down the world and dealt a significant shock to Sri Lanka’s economy and people. Covid-19 wreaked havoc on economies worldwide, and smaller countries like Sri Lanka were hit particularly hard. The economy was already under stress but was slowly moving in the right direction when the combined effects of the pandemic on public health and the economy dealt a severe blow. We began supporting vulnerable families with Covid-19 kits, Rs.1500 worth of dry ration packages, and dairy goods. There were so many families without income and without food, living in the slums the needs grew daily.

Transformation through education

Education is great hope for the future of Sri Lanka. Education provides students with a better understanding of the world, so they can make informed decisions and become active global citizens. Everything is possible with the right opportunity. It’s Hope Academy’s mission to empower the youth with education and life skills in order to make their future more promising.

The Sri Lanka Hope Academy was established with the aim of providing an opportunity for all Sri Lankan children to be inspired and motivated by a real purpose in life, a reason for living.

The Hope Academy was founded by Hope Partners Sri Lanka Director, Noel Abelasan who also runs Lanka Hope Partners a social charitable, non-profit organization striving to create a lasting change in the lives of the children, youth, women, community, and environment. They serve the community regardless of religion, caste, creed, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Hope Academy was created to help those who are extremely poor to become educated and empowered. Our vision is to become the recognized leader in educating and empowering the most underprivileged children of Sri Lanka.

Hope Academy

October 15, 2022 • Colombo, Sri Lanka – Sponsored by Lanka Hope Partners held its grand inauguration ceremony on the 15th of October which coincided with World Students’ Day. The Chief Guest was Rev. Karunasekara the Central District Chairman – Methodist Church Sri Lanka, Mr. Abesinghe Community OIC of Kotahena Police graced the occasion as the Guest Speaker.

We couldn’t do it without you, our faithful supporters and prayer partners. As always, we will do our best for the students and community to transform lives through Education!