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Project Description

Rescuing Children and Transforming Their Lives


Hope Center Costa Rica

What was once a coffee plantation became a refugee settlement when thousands of people fled for their lives during the 1980’s civil war in neighboring Nicaragua. As refugees, basic supplies like water, food, electricity and shelter were not immediately available to them. So a church was planted 25 years ago to help alleviate the all too evident needs of the community now known as Costa Rica’s largest slum, Rincon Grande de Pavas.

With very little in resources, the church made an impact but was constantly struggling with the overwhelming needs. In 2012, Hope Partners International adopted this initiative and built on the foundation that had already been laid. A new Hope Center was born with a transformational strategy designed to not only provide rescue for those immediate needs but also to equip each child with the tools to impact the world for Christ.

Invisible Poverty

We believe that most of the extreme poverty that’s in the world is invisible. You can’t see it from a road. You can’t drive into it. You have to walk into it. In this video, we will give you a little bit of a glimpse of how our families live in the Pavas district of San Jose, Costa Rica. We hope that our kids can see that they do have a better future with us. At Hope Partners, we walk with the mom, we walk with the kid, we walk with both of them.

Thank you for partnering with us to help us rescue children and transform their lives.

Hope Center Needs

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We are committed to helping resource this ministry through key partnerships both in Costa Rica and the United States.

Our Ministry


There are 60,000 people in Pavas who live in extreme poverty. While we cannot help all of them, we can minister to many, and we’re committed to bringing holistic transformational strategies to this community.


Our work is focused primarily with single mothers and at-risk children. Our programs provide food, education, spiritual formation, dental care, psychological guidance and leadership development.


The Hope Center currently feeds about 450 children daily, Monday through Friday. For more than half of them, this meal represents the only balanced nutrition that they receive that day. In addition to the feeding program, we have an academic program that provides mentors, academic tutoring, clubs, computer skill development, robotics, ballet, and art. Mothers play a key role in this program. They are required to not only make sure their children attend their weekly club and tutoring sessions but also to attend monthly meetings that focus on the psychological and spiritual development of their Families.

A final component of the Hope Center is to help resource the church. The Hope Center Church offers programs on Tuesday evenings for children and adults as well as Sunday church services that give the community around the center a place to seek comfort, encouragement and hope.

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Story of Hope – Michelle

September 7th, 2017|

Just beyond the gates of the Hope Center in Costa Rica is an environment of violence and danger. This is mainly due to the prevalence of drug addiction. The drug addiction has led to


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