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Over 100 Years ago

Over 100 years ago a hostel and school was established by missionaries at the current location of the Hope Center in India. The mission back then was to train and equip children. Over the course of many years the facilities became more and more run down and funding and funding eventually dried up. In late 2014, after the loss of a little boy named Mason who had a heart for the children of India, Hope Partners felt led to explore the possibilities of establishing a home and school for orphan children.

A Home for Orphaned and Abandoned Children

After much prayer and multiple visits it was clear to both Hope Partners and the Church of North India (a large Christian denomination) that God was opening the door for a partnership with the focus of rescuing children and transforming their lives. In 2016, Hope Partners International and the Church of North India partnered on this initiative and began renovating the 7-acre compound and making it into a Hope Center, a place of rescue and transformation.

Hope Academy

The school, called Hope Academy, currently educates more than 175 students and endeavors to equip them for lives of effective service. What was once the hostel is now a home for children called Mason’s Place. It is home today to 121 precious girls.Although the work is difficult and the challenges are many, we are seeing God do amazing things in the children’s lives. The Hope Center has become a beacon of spiritual light in a dark and difficult area.

You Can Make A Difference

One of the most exciting ways to partner with the work at Mason’s Place is through sponsoring a child. For $79 a month you are able to cover all the educational expenses plus food, clothing, housing and medical care. As a sponsor you also have the great opportunity to be encouraged by monthly updates from your child and you will have the ability to send a message of encouragement and love. This is a great way for a family to connect and care for a child in desperate need.Please prayerfully consider partnering with us at Mason’s Place and Hope Academy as we seek to rescue and transform the lives of abandoned, abused and marginalized children.

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Stories from the Hope Center

The 17-Year Prayer

October 19th, 2017|

I had the chance to sit down with Kirk Nowery after a recent trip he and his wife Violeta made to India. The role the two of them are playing at our Hope Center

Story of Hope – Alisha

August 10th, 2017|

If you look at our mission to rescue children and transform their lives, Alisha is one of those stories. She is our youngest, now just three and a half years old. A


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