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In December 1999, a natural disaster known as “La Tragedia de Vargas” (Vargas tragedy) occurred in Vargas State, Venezuela. Three days of torrential rains caused flash floods and debris flows that killed tens of thousands of people, destroyed thousands of homes, and led to the complete collapse of the state’s infrastructure, leaving tens of thousands of people displaced. The government quickly moved displaced people to shelters and eventually relocated them in mass government housing throughout the country.

La Sabila, outside Barquisimeto, a city 4 hours west of Caracas, became home to over 5,000 families creating one of the worst slums in Venezuela. There are over 25,000 people in less than a 10 square mile radius, who live in extreme poverty, the majority of which are women, children and youth. This is the area where the local Hope Center in Venezuela is located; it is called the Shekina Center.

Today, more than 400 children and moms in extreme poverty come to Shekina Center to find food, medical care, trauma counseling and spiritual guidance. They have been shown Christ’s love to many who feel forgotten. At Hope Partners International, we are ready to partner with them and go further together. 

The Problem

The recent humanitarian crisis has caused not only a rise in violence, but also a shortage of basic needs like food, water and electricity. This crisis made more than 3 million people leave the country, however those who stay are in unimaginable conditions. Inflation has been higher than in any other country in history and most people in the Shekina Hope Center area are unemployed. Those who have jobs make less than $10 a month. Violent crime is the highest in the world and those suffering the worst are women and children. 

The Project

Our vision of the Venezuela Hope Center is to continue bringing Hope and Love of Christ while working to see transformed lives and communities. The first priority is to help meet their immediate needs. The

Monthly Operational Needs

  • Staff $ 550
  • Food $ 1,000
  • Medicines and supplies $ 450

Total Operational Needs (monthly) $ 2,000

Sustainable Farming Initiative

  • $15,000 to launch program

Total Project Need $ 15,000

Why Help

We did not cause Venezuela’s problems so why do we have to solve them? That is a valid question. The worst of socialism and local corrupt leadership caused Venezuela to enter into the worst chapter of its national life. However, at the end of the day, it is sin and our broken humanity that causes all the problems in this world. It is us Christians who have historically been called to be a light in the world, to be salt, and to build bridges of hope. As we do this, we are part of the solution; we are repairing the world together and pointing people to our generous Heavenly Father.

We are asking different friends, churches and organizations to help us meet these needs to support Venezuelans and show the love of Christ in this way. 

Hope Partners International will transfer funds to Venezuela and will organize regular shipping of medicine and supplies through our network and partners on the ground.  

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