Power of Hope: Changing Lives One Camp at a Time

At Hope Partners International, we’ve witnessed the incredible transformative power that springs from love, steadfast faith, and unwavering hope. Our recent camp highlights this transformative journey.

In the heart of Nairobi, Kenya, over 120 teenagers gathered at our Hope Center for the Awana JV Camp. This was more than a casual meeting – it was a break from routine, a departure from the grim realities of life they’ve been accustomed to.

Throughout this eventful week, our participants engaged in an inspiring journey of spiritual growth. They deepened their faith, strengthened their relationship with God, and found renewed purpose amidst the shadows of extreme poverty. The tools and training they received colored their outlook, empowering them to serve their communities in ministry and spread the waves of positivity.

In addition to the life-changing camps, our Saturday program continues to offer nourishment and spiritual growth opportunities to over 300 children. This ongoing commitment cements our foundation of support and hope.

With the triumph of the JV camp still fresh in our hearts, we’re now excitedly lacing up our boots and getting ready to make more amazing things happen.

Our audacious goal this year? To scholarship more than 70 children.

We are thrilled about the opportunity we have to send children from our Hope Center in Kenya to the upcoming Awana camp. Not only will the kids be pulled from the slum they call home, but they will also experience the divine love, joy, and HOPE that is found only in Jesus in a new and tangible way. Our goal for this camp is to scholarship more than 70 children, giving them a chance to engage in this life-changing camp experience.

With a one-time gift of $55, you can change a life—sending a child to camp this December. How many lives will you touch? One? Two? More?

Watch the video of the JV Camp earlier this year!

Join us on this transformative journey. Visit the donation form below to make a lasting impact in the lives of these children hailing from extreme-poverty situations. Stand with us as we strive to bring hope and empowerment to children in need. Because together, we can make a mighty difference.