By Kirk Nowery
As we were sitting in the historic Black Church in Brasov, Romania this morning, praying and reflecting on the year and it has all been because of “The Calling of God”.

This year we have tried to do our best and minister to what Matthew 25:40 calls the “least of these”. I’m talking about the women and children, who have suffered from the unjust war in Ukraine. I want you to know that this year we have sent more than 70 vans of food and supplies into Ukraine. We provided more than 600,000 meals and we have cared for more than 18,000 refugees.

It has been our honor and privilege, but it has been because of your gifts or sacred gifts. Please take a moment to watch this video below that will help explain what your donations have accomplished this year.

Watch Kirk’s video message below

We recently sent supplies the furthest we’ve gone before, into Kherson, Ukraine. The pastors that carried the supplies into the war zone for us shared their stories about traveling into those regions. Every village destroyed. Every house destroyed. All the electricity destroyed. No water, no food, and literally old people were living in basements with nothing to heat them up, but a “candle”.

Hope Partners sending supplies into Ukraine

As winter approaches, we would ask you to continue to pray. Realizing that refugees are still crossing the border and the truth is that the suffering continues I well. Every one of these women, children, and their families represented have had their world turned upside down because of this war.

If we as Hope Partners can offer them a little HOPE through acts of compassion like food, shelter, and any kind of medical care that they need in Jesus’ name, that’s what we do at Hope Partners International.

Join us and be a part of something that gives you a greater purpose in your life. Something that you can sit down around the dinner table tonight and say “we’re involved in and helping transform these folks’ lives with these acts of compassion.” And of course, it’s all because of Jesus in His precious name.