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Violeta and Kirk Nowery

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Violeta and Kirk Nowery

Kirk Nowery, President of Hope Partners International, was first called into the work of caring for the suffering and abandoned back in the early ’90s in Albania and East Africa. Since then God has used him in various roles to proclaim the truth and call people to follow Jesus with their whole life. Kirk was part of the team that established Hope Partners back in 2011 and has done anything and everything needed to walk through each door that God opened for the organization.

Along with Kirk, Violeta has also done whatever was needed from designing a building, establishing, and managing the sponsorship program, caring for children and staff. When the need arose for someone to launch the work in India, Kirk and Violeta were quick to say they would go and despite being filled with challenges and difficulties, they have never doubted that decision. God has used this couple mightily to establish and expand the ministry of Hope Partners.

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