Be the HOPE for Those Affected by the Conflict in Ukraine: Donate to Hope Partners Today

The conflict in Ukraine has caused immense suffering for many people. With winter upon us, the situation has become even more difficult as people struggle to stay warm in cold temperatures. Hope Partners is working hard to provide displaced individuals with emergency supplies such as warm clothing, thermal blankets, and generators. With the power down in most places even something as simple as candles can help them survive the winter.

Plus, we are collecting donations to purchase much-needed shoes for the children. Many children have only had one pair of shoes for the past year, we would like to provide them with new shoes. Unfortunately, the need is greater than the resources we have. Can you help us by donating to Hope Partners and supporting our emergency response efforts?

Help Families Survive Continued Bombing in Ukraine

Your contribution could make a huge difference in the lives of people who have been forced to leave everything behind. Together, we can show these individuals that they are not forgotten and provide them with supplies and support they desperately need.

  • Food
  • Backpacks filled for children
  • Shoes

Please consider donating to Hope Partners today.