On February 10th, 2023, the president of Hope Partners, Kirk Nowery, and his wife Violeta crossed the barge on the Danube River from Romania into Ukraine, almost a year after the Russian invasion. It was their 15th trip into the war-torn country. Each week, Hope Partners drives vans filled with cargo for the refugees, including food, and non-food supplies, and this time, we purchased ten generators to deliver deep into Ukraine that will relieve the suffering these people face.

Watch the video below.

On the day that Kirk and Violeta traveled to Ukraine, our vans were also filled with backpacks for the children. The church, located in a basement, was filled with moms and some grandparents, all there to receive a message from Kirk, and backpacks for the children filled with clothing, food, school supplies, and more. It was incredible to witness firsthand.
When we can relieve suffering, our mission is accomplished. We rescue children. We help their moms. We help move them toward transformation through acts of compassion in Jesus’ name. That’s what Matthew chapter 25 is about.

The work of this ministry has been remarkable

Our mission is to rescue children and transform their lives through acts of compassion in Jesus’ name.

Since the war began, we’ve provided more than 600,000 meals. We’ve now cared for more than 19,000 women and children that have fled as refugees of this war.

Because of your gifts, we can continue to not let the Ukrainian people fall off your radar as the bombing and the missiles continue.

It’s our high privilege to be called to ministry, to be able to take the opportunity life change, break the cycle of poverty, being able, even in a war, to give hope when faces show no hope.

For the past year, Hope Partners International has been providing HOPE to those affected by the conflict but it is completely because of the hearts of our donors through our Ukraine Crisis fund.

God accomplished much in the lives of those he has put before Hope Partners, and we could not have done this without you.

Hope Partners is committed to sharing the love of Christ with those in need and is making a real difference in the lives of the Ukraine refugees. For example, we are continually sending supply vans into the deepest parts of Ukraine to help struggling mothers care for their children in the midst of the conflict. Through your donations, we are able to provide much-needed generators, warm blankets, and other winter essentials, giving them the HOPE and strength to carry on.

As we mark one year since the start of the ground invasion in Ukraine, it is important to remember those who are still suffering and in need of our support. By giving to Hope Partners, you can be assured we will continue to provide vital assistance to those affected by the conflict, and make a real difference in the lives of refugees in the midst of tragedy and work towards a better future for all.

Thank you for your gifts. Your prayers and your gifts do make a difference.

Supplies were driven deep into Ukraine

Vans deliver medical supplies, food, clothing and more

Our brave teams risking their lives

Supplies distributed through our network of churches

Hope Partners offers a safe place to stay

Refugee children with us for 12 months