Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you the amazing work being done by our Hope Centers around the world. We are committed to rescuing children from extreme poverty and transforming their lives through acts of compassion, education, and discipleship, all in the name of Jesus.

Giving Children a Chance: The Life-Changing Work
of Hope Partners International

Anthony Naimo, our Director of Donor Development, recently returned from a two-week trip to India with other mission team members. But that was not all, he also traveled to Romania and Ukraine. Anthony was able to see firsthand the progress of the Hope Centers, and the incredible progress of the children we care for.

Watch Anthony’s recap video below

Many of the children we rescued had very few opportunities for education and were at risk of being trafficked or forced into child labor. However, because of the support from our generous donors, Hope Partners can provide safety and the care these children need to live a full and meaningful life. In fact, several of our girls are now graduating from school and finding meaningful jobs in their communities.

With HOPE these children can dream

With nine Hope Centers in six countries across five continents, Hope Partners is committed to addressing the obstacles faced by the children we serve, including hunger, malnutrition, gang violence, drug addiction, teen pregnancy, and poor housing.

Through long-term support and education, we equip each child to be all that God created them to be.

Hope Partners has also recently opened a community center in Siminoc, Romania where we are providing support and care to children from broken families living in poverty. Despite the darkness that surrounds the children we serve, Hope Partners is bringing light and HOPE to these communities through education, discipleship, and the sharing of the gospel.

Our team also embarked on a trip to Ukraine. Our team was uplifted and inspired by the HOPE that they saw in Ukraine. Traveling in a caravan of three Hope Partners vehicles, we brought food and medical supplies for the refugees, along with 10 much-needed generators, which would be taken further into the country to provide power to communities in need. Be sure to watch our generator video below.

Watch our generator video below

But it wasn’t just material supplies that the team brought with them. They also brought the HOPE and light of the Gospel to the children of Ukraine, distributing over 200 backpacks and sharing the message of Jesus. It was an incredible experience and one that has left a lasting impact on everyone involved.

As Hope Partners International continues to do its work all over the world, our organization remains committed to the belief that every child has the right to a life free from poverty and filled with HOPE. With the help of generous partners and supporters, our organization and Hope Centers will continue to transform lives and make a real difference in the world.

Thank you for your partnership, and for helping to make stories like this possible.