Hope Partners International, headed by Kirk Nowery, is continuing to send food and other needed supplies to the people of Ukraine still suffering under the conditions of war. Hope Partners, through their “Hope Center” in Romania, has provided more food, medical supplies, and water, along with blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, heat sources, and more to cope with the harsh cold of winter. At the time of this story, Hope Partners has sent more than 70 vans into Ukraine serving those who are in desperate need of food and prayer. Kirk and his wife Violeta have been in Ukraine more than eight times since the beginning of the war.

Hope Partners has been distributing food and supplies through a network of churches and brave pastors throughout the region. Our staff and volunteers are not only feeding those in need but giving them hope and faith by showing them the power of God’s love.

Aware of the desperate conditions facing Ukrainians, Nowery said, “On this trip, we are taking supplies to the Kherson district where they now have no infrastructure, no hospitals, no schools. It’s winter and temperatures are cold here now.” He added that “Hope Partners brought four vans filled with supplies as a result of the giving that you have made to relieve suffering here for these people during this war.”

Prayer is just as important as essential supplies for the people of Ukraine as many are turning to God for help. Ecaterina Serban, daughter of Hope Center Romania Director, Marian Serban, shared that “more than half of the refugees that we interact with on a daily basis are not Christian.” She shared how one of the most frequently asked questions the refugees have is, “Why are you helping us?” and “What’s in it for you?”

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Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Hope Partners and our volunteers have been on the ground providing medical and non-medical aid along with essential items for survival. We have driven over 150 tons of supplies to high demand areas deep into Ukrainian and provided safety to over 18,000 refugees coming into Romania. As we continue our work, the compassionate people who have made a commitment to helping Ukrainians are giving them HOPE that faith and goodness will triumph over evil.

Thank you for your GENEROSITY. Your gifts have helped rescue the refugees fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. Your compassion is giving HOPE and saving lives.