The Lord Can Do So Much with Your Yes

Abi Schlesinger's Story The first summer that Abi Schlesinger came to Costa Rica, she didn't want to be there. Her mother suggested a family mission trip, but Abi was reluctant. With her best friend moving away for college, she felt she had too much going on at home. Despite her initial

Bimla, Seeds of Hope

Planting Seeds in Fertile Souls In the bustling heart of Delhi, a young girl named Bimla is stepping into her final year at our Hope Center with dreams as vast as the city itself. At Hope Partners, we dedicate ourselves to nurturing such dreams, transforming despair into opportunities for growth. Our mission transcends

Tackling Child Poverty

Tackling Child Poverty: A Mission of Hope in Costa Rica In the heart of San José, Costa Rica, is a district know as Pavas. This poverty-stricken community has 60,000 people that live in a one square mile radius. It's one of the most populated areas in the Greater Metropolitan Area and where God

Blessing In Babadag

Our big dream of a new Hope Center in Romania, is quickly materializing. Babadag, a small city in south-eastern Romania, is marked by extreme poverty and limited opportunities, particularly within its diverse Roma Muslim community. Because many locals leave the country for survival, children often end up under the care of

Wheels of Change

Education as a Path to Rescue and Transformation In the wake of the tragic Easter Sunday bombings of 2019, a wave of grief and need washed over Sri Lanka. Hope Partners extended their hands across the waters from India to Sri Lanka. As our team began to bring hope to a

Transform Lives This Giving Tuesday

How Your Giving Tuesday Donation Creates Lasting Impact A Day of Global Generosity: What Giving Tuesday Means for Children in Need Giving Tuesday, following the bustle of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is a day dedicated to generosity and goodwill. It's a day when people all over the world

Hope Partners Kenya Awana Camp

Power of Hope: Changing Lives One Camp at a Time  Watch the video of the JV Camp earlier this year! PROVIDE A SCHOLARSHIP TO AN AWANA CAMPER At Hope Partners International, we've witnessed the incredible transformative power that springs from love, steadfast faith, and unwavering hope. Our recent

Sisters Who Found Hope

Karishma and Preeti: Sisters Who Found Hope in the Midst of Adversity At just 10 and 13 years old, Karishma and Preeti have already faced more challenges than most of us will experience in a lifetime. Their lives took an unexpected turn losing their mother to cancer earlier this year. It was

Romania Summer Camp 2023

Journey to the Mountains: A Life-Changing Adventure for At Risk Children Recently, our Hope Partners teams in Romania embarked on a remarkable adventure, leaving behind the shores of the Black Sea and venturing into the picturesque Mare River Valley in the Retezat mountains. The purpose was to accompany a group of

Hope Costa Rica Summer 2023 Update

Whoop whoop! Our interns created an AMAZING video of our missions teams and volunteers during their time at our Hope Center in Costa Rica. The visuals are fun to watch and relive the special times spent in Pavas with our children. We can't wait for you to watch it!