Hope Partners’ Global Impact

Hello everyone! We are excited to share with you the amazing work being done by our Hope Centers around the world. We are committed to rescuing children from extreme poverty and transforming their lives through acts of compassion, education, and discipleship, all in the name of Jesus. Giving Children a Chance: The

Nyomi, The Story of a Life Transformed

From Poverty to Purpose: How Nyomi’s Life Was Changed at the Hope Center We often hear stories of underdogs making it, yet rarely do we get to witness it in person. Nyomi's story is a beautiful picture of transformation, one that we can all learn from. As we hear her story, we

in Ajmer

Hope Partners Launches Fundraiser to Build Badminton Court for Girls at Ajmer Hope Center The Hope Partners fundraiser to build a badminton court for the girls at the Ajmer Hope Center is an important and worthwhile project. The cost of building such a court is estimated to be around $10,000,

Matthew 25 in Constanta Romania

One-Quarter of Romanian Population Struggles with Poverty, Particularly in Rural Areas with Limited Access to Basic Necessities According to World Bank data, in 2019, Romania had a poverty rate of approximately 22.7%. This means that about one-quarter of the population lived below the national poverty line. Poverty in Romania can be particularly severe in

The Calling of God by Kirk Nowery

By Kirk Nowery As we were sitting in the historic Black Church in Brasov, Romania this morning, praying and reflecting on the year and it has all been because of "The Calling of God". This year we have tried to do our best and minister to what Matthew 25:40 calls the "least of these".

Why are you helping us?

Hope Partners International, headed by Kirk Nowery, is continuing to send food and other needed supplies to the people of Ukraine still suffering under the conditions of war. Hope Partners, through their "Hope Center" in Romania, has provided more food, medical supplies, and water, along with blankets, sleeping bags, gloves, heat sources, and more

Merry Christmas from Kenya

By James Otundo, Director, Hope Center Kenya It is my hope and prayer that you are all doing great during this festive season. We just want to say we’re thankful for you as we give you an update on what’s happening down here at our Hope Center Kenya. We just recently had our Christmas

New Washroom Needed in Kenya

GIVE TO HOPE CENTER KENYA Time for a new washroom Hope Partners family, happy December to each one of you. This is James Otundo from the Hope Center in Nairobi, Kenya. I just wanted to give you a brief update on what’s going down here in Kenya. First of all, I want to say

Giving Tuesday 2022

GIVING TUESDAY IS UPON US • As we inch closer to the end of 2022, we want to reconnect, to send a note of thanks. Thank you so much for being with us this year and for some, many years. We are seeing our vision of rescuing children and transforming their lives in Jesus'

Internship Applications Open for Summer 2023

Costa Rica Summer Internship with Hope Partners Hope Partners Costa Rica exists to rescue children and transform their lives through acts of compassion. We establish Centers of Hope in some of the most impoverished parts of the world to care for the most vulnerable among us. TAKE THE NEXT STEP NOW